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bpm:state: 4 Hits
====== ===== Definition ===== A [[state]] of a set of [[business object|business objects]] is a comp... These business objects and their states (namely a set of attributes/variables) are therefore relevant a... s not exist!// Depending of the capacity of this set one can separate: ==== business object state ===
bpm:behaviour: 3 Hits
viour ====== ===== Definition ===== FIXME For any set S, S_w denote the set of all infinite sequences of elements in S. For set of states Sigma ([[state space]]), a behaviour is an element of Sigma_w.
jboss:ports:start: 3 Hits
or the services in the default configuration file set. |Port |Type |Service Descriptor |Service Name |... The listening port for the bootstrap JNP service. Set this to -1 to run the NamingService witho... cannot get to. NOTE: this assumes a pretty simple setup where everything outside the firewall reference
jboss:start: 3 Hits
linux:suse_email_server: 3 Hits
d for the user with <code>passwd cyrus</code> * Set up the athentication method in /etc/imapd.conf <c... nect ||show current server or connect to server| |setaclmailbox, sam, setacl |sam mailbox xxx permission|set ACLs on mailbox| |setinfo ||set server metadata| |setquota, sq
bpm:business_process: 2 Hits
=== Definition ===== A [[business process]] is a set of coordinated [[business activity|activities]], ... ds to accomplishment of a [[business goal]]. This set of [[business activity|activities]] transforms in
bpm:business_event: 2 Hits
usiness event]] represents a semantically defined set of [[state|states]], relevant for the [[business ... ot just one [[state|business state]], but a whole set of business states with the common part that says
de:distributedsystems:xsl: 2 Hits
en. **XSLT** ist ein Dialekt welches auch zur Übersetzung/Transformation eines [[XML]]-Dialektes in ein... /"> <fo:layout-master-set> <fo:simple-page-master master-name="A4" ... </fo:simple-page-master> </fo:layout-master-set> <fo:page-sequence master-reference="A4">
eclipse:cnf:start: 1 Hits
e-case-based topic description: ==== General CNF setup ==== The usage of CNF is about several question... rs() <- this adds a dependency to ide-plugin * Set default page input === Resource/Non-Resource appr
projects:etla: 1 Hits
=== ===== Description and Purpose ===== eTLA is a set of plugins that wrap TLA Tools and make them avai
ws:axis_web_service_client: 1 Hits
== - Create an instance of a ServiceLocator - Set EndpointAddress - Retrieve the PortType from th
de:distributedsystems:wfms: 1 Hits
kflow-Management kann damit als eine technische Umsetzung des Geschäftsprozess-Managements verstanden w... participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules.// Ein Workflow besteht aus ... ack zu garantieren. WfMs hat dazu einige Lösungsansetze: * **Forward Recovery** - WfMS behält den Aus
bpm:state_space: 1 Hits
ate space ====== ===== Definition ===== Countable set of all [[state|states]]. ===== References ===== = chi`s home Creative Commons License Valid CSS Driven by DokuWiki do yourself a favour and use a real browser - get firefox!! Recent changes RSS feed Valid XHTML 1.0