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bpm:business_event: 6 Hits
event object is called //**notification**//. In other words, event is a happening, while notification i... hanges affecting it directly or indirectly, or in other words it adds to [[business agility]]. === How ... ere is a call received from a client, whereas all other parts of these states could be different. Other
javaee:component_structure: 2 Hits
uses. You should place third-party JAR files and other utility JAR files in this folder. However, if other Web or EJB modules use the JAR files, move them into the Enterprise Application project instead,
bpm:business_process: 1 Hits
ocesses]] that produce outputs that are valued by other [[business process|processes]]. A [[business proc
se:ci:start: 1 Hits
lso offer their "damagecontrol" CI system) ===== Other Continuous Integration Systems ===== ==== Hudson
jboss:logging:default_log_level_and_log4j_configuration: 1 Hits
DEBUG level. This means that Confluence (and any other log4j-enabled application deployed in the JBoss s
bpm:business_agility: 1 Hits
industry, market, geographical location and many other factors. However, in accounting terms, business i
bpm:start: 1 Hits
eling]] * [[Event Driven Architecture]] ====== Other sites ====== * [[http://postone.ti5.tu-harburg.
bpm:business_activity: 1 Hits
ution on the [[business domain]] and relations to other activities. Such a separation of concerns helps u
bpm:business_driven_development: 1 Hits
usiness imperatives. ===== References ===== ==== Other ==== * Gonzales, Díaz : Business process-driv
bpm:existence_dependency: 1 Hits
ural change?) to one modeling element affects the other (dependent element). ===== Example ===== An attr
bpm:business_domain_entity: 1 Hits
([[business participant]]) in order to create another [[business object]] - financial forecast for the
bpm:business_participant: 1 Hits
an organizational unit or organization (own or another). It can even be an equipment a computer system, = chi`s home Creative Commons License Valid CSS Driven by DokuWiki do yourself a favour and use a real browser - get firefox!! Recent changes RSS feed Valid XHTML 1.0