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focusing only on the impact of its execution and not on the order of the operations. In doing so it fo... ling is the observation, that the capabilites are not the subject of frequent changes. These are more s... main building blocks of a [[business domain]] and not a particular enterprise. ===== References =====
bpm:business_event: 2 Hits
==== [[business event|Business events]] per se cannot be manupulated by computers as they are sheer abs... ssage consisting of an event object is called //**notification**//. In other words, event is a happening, while notification is a report of the happening. ===== Purpose/Usage ===== === Purpos
javaee:component_structure: 2 Hits
ay contain "loose" Java classes (classes that are not inside a JAR file), and it can be used for Servle... on server The lib folder may contain JAR files (not ZIP files by default!) that the Web application a
bpm:state: 2 Hits
fined in the context of the given activites only, not in the global context of the whole model of the b... e the classification - business object state does not exist!// Depending of the capacity of this set o
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jboss:ports:start: 2 Hits
s service binds to an anonymous TCP port and does not support configuration of the port or bind interface. Remove the rmi-il-service.xml to disable it NOTE: this RMI invoker service is deprecated since th... s service binds to an anonymous UDP port and does not support configuration of the port or bind interfa
birt:configuration:headlessjava: 1 Hits
ppears (it will appear just once in total, so if another user has had this box before, you will not see
de:middleware:jms: 1 Hits
n: * //ConnectionFactory// - enenthält alle notwendigen Informationen zum Aufbau der Verbindungen... age-id, correlation-id, delivery mode (persistent/not-persistent), destination (queue), priority, redel
projects:etla: 1 Hits
VM) * The separation to core and ui plugin does not make any sense. It makes much more sense to merge
eclipse:cnf:start: 1 Hits
ncy * Still the root is required: but now it is not the workspace root -> info from your mail (so I u
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