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====== Information model ====== ===== Definition ===== The [[information model]] is a strucutural model of the [[business domain]]. An information model is an abstract but formal representation of entitie... n, wikipedia//) ==== Remark ==== A [[information model]] may cover only parts of the [[business domain]]
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This approach requires a consistent [[information model]] of the [[business domain]]. From the practical... t of view, the creation of a single [[information model]] of the entire domain is a non-trivial task. The... c. arise. In particular, the single [[information model]] is seen as a limitation of the domain size and
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=== A [[business activity]] is represented in PDD Model using a [[bpm:pddm:activity|Activity]] entity. It is an element of the [[bpm:pddm:core model|PDD Core model]]. From the modeling point of view the as
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y of terms related to the enterprise and business modeling. It contain the definitions of all related ter... * [[business process]] * [[business process model]] * [[business function]] * [[business partic... siness strategy]] * [[state]] * [[information model]] ====== Additional related concepts ====== *
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====== Domain model ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Domain model]] is a modeling abstraction of a [[busi... d provides semantic descriptions for them. Domain models provide the conceptual foundation of modeling by... ption of [[business domain]] forming the [[domain model]] is subdivided in //structural// and //behaviora
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Own representation based on Allen, 2000//) ===== Modeling granularity ===== A business process is a aggr... to refer the lowest level of the process that is modelled. The activity granularity can vary from a sing... sses]] form an essential aspect of the enterprise model called [[business process model]]. ===== Refere
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ites]] form an essential aspect of the enterprise model called [[business capability model]]. ===== Add... a pen, and one for typing it on the computer. The modeled impact of both activities is - the letter is wr... it is different. The general idea of capability modeling is the observation, that the capabilites are n
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rwaltung ausseinander setzt, hat man meistens das Model von [[x_open_dtp| X/OPEN DTP Standard]] vor Augen... \\ Transaktions Manager(TM) koordiniert in disem Model die Ressource Manager(RM), welche idR. [[Datenbak
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their dependencies. A [[business capability map]] is a basic building block of a [[business model]].
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a [[business domain]] is described by a [[domain model]]. ===== Additional Description ===== Usually, t
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einer Reihe von Detailierten Informationen und //tModels//. * **tModel** - = //Technical Model// ist ei... ben.\\ Im unterschied zu anderen Entities stehen tModels inkeine Parent-child Bezihung und k├Ânne von busi... ce und bindingTemplate referenziert werden. === tModel Genauer === {{de:ws:uddi_datenmodel.gif|}} \\ Be
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chte ===== ===== API's ===== ==== Document Object Model (DOM) ==== DOM definiert einen Satz von Schnittst
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