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====== Information model ====== ===== Definition ===== The [[information model]] is a strucutural model of the [[business domain]]. An information model is an abstract but formal representation of entities incl... epresentation, wikipedia//) ==== Remark ==== A [[information model]] may cover only parts of the [[business do
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l meaning). This approach requires a consistent [[information model]] of the [[business domain]]. From the practical point of view, the creation of a single [[information model]] of the entire domain is a non-trivial tas... ification etc. arise. In particular, the single [[information model]] is seen as a limitation of the domain siz
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nsaktion abgebrochen wird, kann Koordinator diese Information lokal speichern ((eigentlich optional)) und natür... dinator informiert sie aus Gefälligkeit) kann die Information über die Transaktion gelöscht werden. Wenn anschl... saktionsstatus am Koordinator ankommt, wird keine Information da sein, und der Erfragende wird unterstellen, da
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tore: * [[|CISC]] - Customer Information Cont... tion of CISC]] * [[|IMS/DC]] - Informations Managem
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s only tested in version 3.2.5 with java 1.4, but information in the forums indicate that this method has worke... for several years. Search for NAT to find related information. Open three ports through your firewall, one for... the script to pass back the "correct" RMI information to the system outside of the firewall. "Correct"
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e]] * [[business strategy]] * [[state]] * [[information model]] ====== Additional related concepts =====
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er) will spend a lot of time generating debugging information that will just end up wasting processor cycles an... afe, but it will result in a lot more unnecessary information being logged. It is recommended to keep Confluenc
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=== LaTeX ====== The following page contain some information about typesetting in LaTeX. * [[:latex:epigrap
de:distributedsystems:wfms: 1 Hits
rocess, in whole or part, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to anoth
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o techwiki ====== This wiki is a central point of information structuring and is sometimes used as a notepad.
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direct the completion of transactions, and obtain information about the status of transactions. === XA === FIX
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