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should be defined. For this purpose a "[[eclipse:Enterprise Application Project|Enterprise Application Projec... ct]]" - Assign the resulting web project to the enterprise application project using "[[eclipse:J2EE Module Dependencies|J2EE Module Dependencies]]" of the Enterprise Project. ==== Generation ==== - Right Click on
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ess capabilites]] form an essential aspect of the enterprise model called [[business capability model]]. ===... cks of a [[business domain]] and not a particular enterprise. ===== References ===== <bibtex> @article{SEHMI... e = {Why business architecture is so important to enterprise architecture}, year = {2007}, cor
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978-0471768944 * Dan Woods and Thomas Mattern : Enterprise SOA: Designing IT for Business Innovation, ISBN: ... * Dirk Krafzig and Karl Banke and Dirk Slama : Enterprise SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture Best Practices
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====== Component Structure ====== ===== Enterprise Application ===== {{javaee:application.png|}} ===== Web M... EJB modules use the JAR files, move them into the Enterprise Application project instead, as explained in the Enterprise applications section below. ===== EJB Module ===== {{javaee:ejb-module.png|}} ====== R
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====== Enterprise Systems ====== ===== Technologies ===== * [[javaee:start|Java Enterprise Edition]] * [[... start|Web Services]] * [[birt:start|BIRT]] ===== Vendors ===== * [[jboss:start|Java Enterprise Edition]]
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leware vereinfacht [[|Enterprise Application In
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cts, deal, dealings, distribution, exchange, free enterprise, game, industrialism, industry, labor, laissez-fa... traffic, transaction, undertaking **business as enterprise**//(noun)// - cartel, company, concern, corporati
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ry]] (created by students of TUHH) * [[es:start|Enterprise Systems]] * [[se:start|Software Engineering]]
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die WfMS als eine Sprache für [[de:middleware:eai|Enterprise Application Integration]] ansehen. ===== Wichtig
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e:db:start|Datenbanksysteme]] * [[de:java:start|Enterprise Java]] ===== Basis Themen ===== * [[de:dist
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====== This is a glossary of terms related to the enterprise and business modeling. It contain the definitions
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