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===== A [[business object]] (BO) is a [[business domain entity|passive domain entity]] represented by a s... the concept of [[business object]] the [[business domain|domain]] [[state]] is a conjunction of attributes... for the complete formalization of the [[business domain]]. In addition, the [[behavior]] of the [[busines
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====== Domain model ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Domain model]] is a modeling abstraction of a [[business domain]]. It captures the conceptual aspects and provides semantic descriptions for them. Domain models provide the conceptual foundation of modeling by building a common understanding (static sem
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siness activity|business activities]] changes the domain [[state]]. Domain state can be considered as inpu... to a business activity and its output. A definite domain state can be considered as an enabling condition ... global context of the whole model of the business domain. During the modeling process some distinct doma
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====== Business Domain ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Business domain]] is a defined scope of the [[business environment]]. Domains can be hierarchically structured, where a subdomain define only a subscopes. Usually, a [[business domain]] is described by a [[domain model]]. ===== Additional Descripti
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====== Domain Specific Modeling ====== ===== Definition ===== May be move... After [[UML]] has ruled as... technique of modeling a business, the idea of a [[domain specific language]] ([[domain specific language|D... is the quality of the result. Having chosen a [[domain specific language|DSL]], containing the concepts
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model]] is a strucutural model of the [[business domain]]. An information model is an abstract but formal... on model]] may cover only parts of the [[business domain]], such that different [[information model|inform... tion models]] are necessary to cover the complete Domain. This is due to the fact, that the [[business dom
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====== Business domain entity====== ===== Definition ===== [[business domain Entity|Business entity]] represents a structural unit of a [[business domain]]. Business entities are subdivided into **active**
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ock for behavioural description of the [[business domain]]. ===== Additional description ===== Every bus... mpact of the activity execution on the [[business domain]] and relations to other activities. Such a separ... a primary behavioral concept from the [[business domain]], which is independent from the perspective. ==
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====== Domain State ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Domain state]] represents a composition of the values of all [[business object | business objects]] in a domain. ===== Additional description =====
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ortunity]] * [[business threat]] * [[business domain]] * [[business environment]] * [[business domain entity]] * [[business service]] * [[business rule]] * [[business strategy]] * [[state]]
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of [[state|states]], relevant for the [[business domain]]. Event serves as informal description and is us... scope (context) of entire model of the [[business domain]]. ===== Comments ===== [[business event|Busine
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tivities]] with the same impact on the [[business domain]]. //(Own representation)// ===== Dependencies... nd represent main building blocks of a [[business domain]] and not a particular enterprise. ===== Refere
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n ===== [[Business participant]] is an [[Business Domain Entity|active domain entity]] responsible for exe
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