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bout several questions. First of all, it is about definition of the CNF View. This is covered here. * Add o... .ui.navigator plugin dependency * Add the view definition (provide a hint to render the title) * Provide... he next pages) ==== CNF content binding ==== The definition of the view in the previous section only provides
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====== XDoclet ====== ===== WSEE Doclet ===== Name and path of WSDL file in generated webservice.xml results from wsee.port-component name value. For example <code> @wsee.port-component name="JobCardConnector" </code> results in <code> <wsdl-file>META-INF/wsdl/JobCardConnector.wsdl</wsdl-file> </code> ===== Common Exceptions ===== * [[Ambiguous subtask definition for logical name deploymentdescriptor|Ambiguous subtask definition for logical name deploymentdescriptor]]
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====== Business Activity ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business activity]] (BA) is a (repeatable) pattern ... [business process]] term. Especially the business definition points out the business process as a primary abst
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:ws:wsdl-specification.gif|}}\\ * **types** - Definition der Datentypen, die zum Austausch der messages benutzt werden * **message** - Abstrakte Definitionen der übertragenen Daten, bestehen aus mehreren logischen Teilen, von denen jedes mit einer Definition innerhalb eines Datentypsystems verknüpft ist.
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====== Verteiltes System ====== ===== Definition ===== * Ein Verteiltes System ist nach der Definition von [
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====== Business Process ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business process]] is a set of coordinated [[busine... ess ** is introduced by Allen, 2000, p. 71: ==== Definition ==== An elementary process is a process that is t
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====== Business Agility ====== ===== Definition ===== Ability of a [[business]] to quickly adapt to its chan... == It is hard to define the word "quickly" in the definition above. It is rather a relative notion depending o
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Business Environment ====== ===== Definition ===== An environment can be defined as anything ... siness_environment.jpg|}} ===== Links ===== * definition -
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====== Business ====== ===== Definition ===== In economics, a [[business]] is a legally-recognized organizati... ppliers of goods and services. However, the exact definition of business, like much else in the philosophy of
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====== Business Goal ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Business goal]] is a desired [[state]] of the [[busi
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====== State ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[state]] of a set of [[business object|business objects]] is a
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====== Business Event ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business event]] represents a semantically defined set
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====== Domain model ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Domain model]] is a modeling abstraction of a [[business
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====== Business Capability ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business capability]] is a a representation of a
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