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a glossary of terms related to the enterprise and business modeling. It contain the definitions of all related terms * [[business]] * [[business activity]] * [[business agility]] * [[business assets]] * [[business capability]] * [[business capability map]] * [[business process]] * [[b
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====== Business Activity ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business activity]] (BA) is a (repeatable) pattern of operations undertaken by an [[business participant|organizational unit]] to reach a certain [[business goal]]. An [[Business activity|activity]] is a compound structure and allows decomposition t
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====== Business Capability ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business capability]] is a a representation of a [[business activity]] focusing only on the impact of its execution and not on the order of the operations. In doing so it forms a class of all [[business activity|activities]] with the same impact on the
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====== Business Event ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business event]] represents a semantically defined set of [[state|states]], relevant for the [[business domain]]. Event serves as informal description an... d in the scope (context) of entire model of the [[business domain]]. ===== Comments ===== [[business event
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====== Business Rule ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Business rule]] is a statement that are used to specify the allowed/forbidden [[state]] of [[business domain|business domain]] (usually represented in [[business objects]] specifications). (// From Eriksson & Penker 2000//) ===== Classification ====
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====== Business Process ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business process]] is a set of coordinated [[business activity|activities]], that leads to accomplishment of a [[business goal]]. This set of [[business activity|activities]] transforms information or materials and is either value chains that produc
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====== Business Object ====== ===== Definition ===== A [[business object]] (BO) is a [[business domain enti... ed by a set of attributes. Using the concept of [[business object]] the [[business domain|domain]] [[state]] is a conjunction of attributes' values of all [[business object|business objects]]. //(Own representatio
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===== Definition ===== A [[state]] of a set of [[business object|business objects]] is a composition of the values of all the attributes of these [[business object|business objects]]. ===== Usage ===== PDD ... tional description ===== FIXME Impact produced by business [[business activity|business activities]] changes
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====== Business ====== ===== Definition ===== In economics, a [[business]] is a legally-recognized organiza... ally free country designed to sell goods and/or [[business service|services]] to consumers, usually in an ef... In predominantly capitalist economies, where most businesses are privately owned, businesses are typically f
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====== Business domain entity====== ===== Definition ===== [[business domain Entity|Business entity]] represents a structural unit of a [[business domain]]. Business entities are subdivided into **active** a... ship** between them. Normally, active entities ([[business participants]]) perform some action upon passiv
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====== Business Goal ====== ===== Definition ===== [[Business goal]] is a desired [[state]] of the [[business domain]]. Goals can be subdivided into operational, tactical and strategic. ===== Strat... t intentional goal of an organisation is called [[business mission]]. Usually, the mission can be divided in
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