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==== Component Structure ====== ===== Enterprise Application ===== {{javaee:application.png|}} ===== Web Modu... et or Utility classes within the scope of the Web application. **Often a special class loader is used for this ... e classes, they are automatically reloaded by the application server The lib folder may contain JAR files (no
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defined. For this purpose a "[[eclipse:Enterprise Application Project|Enterprise Application Project]]" should ... ssign the resulting web project to the enterprise application project using "[[eclipse:J2EE Module Dependencies
de:middleware:x_open_dtp: 4 Hits
are:x_open_dtp.jpg|}} ==== Komponenten ==== === Application Program (AP) === Ein Application Program, d.h. ... X interface is a standard, well-known API that an application program uses to open and close resource managers,... Ursprünglich rein europäische)), die ein **Common Applications Environment** (CAE)((Bezeichnung einer Definitio
bpm:soa: 3 Hits
bpm:business_architecture: 2 Hits
ic Merrifield and Jon Tobey: Motion Lite: A Rapid Application of the Business Architecture Techniques Used by M
de:middleware:middleware: 2 Hits
infacht [[|Enterprise Application Integration]].
de:distributedsystems:wfms: 1 Hits
d, where required, invoke the use of IT tools and applications.// Ein Workflow Management System (WfMS) ist ei... s eine Sprache für [[de:middleware:eai|Enterprise Application Integration]] ansehen. ===== Wichtige Links ====
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Umschlage (//envelop//) für die beliebige von der Application gebrauchte/verwendete Information genutzt. Jeder
de:java:jta: 1 Hits
tionsmanager interface (der eher für [[middleware:Applications Server]] ausgelegt ist) und dem Open Group XA-in... [[middleware:x_open_dtp| Open Goups DTP]])). ==== Application Level Transaction Management ==== === UserTransak
de:db:2pc: 1 Hits
Participant-to-coordinator** * **Coordinator-to-application** Es gibt dieverse Szenarien und Implementirungen
jboss:logging:default_log_level_and_log4j_configuration: 1 Hits
eans that Confluence (and any other log4j-enabled application deployed in the JBoss server) will spend a lot of = chi`s home Creative Commons License Valid CSS Driven by DokuWiki do yourself a favour and use a real browser - get firefox!! Recent changes RSS feed Valid XHTML 1.0