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iness objects]] is a composition of the values of all the attributes of these [[business object|busines... s event | business events]]. The presensce of globally defined events provides the possibility to defin... d the class of activities that share the same globally understood enabling conditions (i.e. events), th
de:ws:wsdl: 4 Hits
* Zugangsprotokoll (Details zum Deployment) * Alle notwendigen Informationen zum Zugriff auf den Se... "> <complexType> <all> <element name="tickerSymbol" type="string"/> </all> </complexType> </element>
bpm:business_object: 2 Hits
state]] is a conjunction of attributes' values of all [[business object|business objects]]. //(Own re... he theoretical point of view the specification of all [[business object|business objects]] is required ... state relation|next-state relations]] using ** locally defined ** [[business objects]]. Consistency is
bpm:business_event: 2 Hits
n ===== A [[business event]] represents a semantically defined set of [[state|states]], relevant for th... vent. A message consisting of an event object is called //**notification**//. In other words, event is... ization helps to keep business more responsive to all changes affecting it directly or indirectly, or i
bpm:behaviour: 1 Hits
===== FIXME For any set S, S_w denote the set of all infinite sequences of elements in S. For set of s
bpm:state_space: 1 Hits
ce ====== ===== Definition ===== Countable set of all [[state|states]]. ===== References ===== * ht
bpm:business_capability: 1 Hits
f the operations. In doing so it forms a class of all [[business activity|activities]] with the same im... so, the inspection of business capabilities is usually executed for identification of activity dependen... form an essential aspect of the enterprise model called [[business capability model]]. ===== Addition
eclipse:cnf:start: 1 Hits
usage of CNF is about several questions. First of all, it is about definition of the CNF View. This is
bpm:start: 1 Hits
business modeling. It contain the definitions of all related terms * [[business]] * [[business a... aphical representation ====== In addition the so-called concept map will be created, representing the c
ws:axis_web_service_client: 1 Hits
g Eclipse IDE 3.2 with Web Tools Platform 1.0 installed to run on JBoss 4.0.3 SP1. ==== Preconditions ==== * Installed and configured JBoss 4 Server Runtime * a WSDL file ==== Preparation ==== - Be... ce to package" flag and procees with Next - Map all user defined namespaces from WSDL to correspondin
bpm:business_goal: 1 Hits
e highest intentional goal of an organisation is called [[business mission]]. Usually, the mission can ... goals are measurable. The corresponding value is called [[Key Performance Indicator|Key Performance Ind
bpm:business_rule: 1 Hits
ule]] is a statement that are used to specify the allowed/forbidden [[state]] of [[business domain|business domain]] (usually represented in [[business objects]] specifications). (// From Eriksson & Pen... //) is introducing the complete classification of all possible rules. // ** Should be reviewed ** // =
bpm:existence_dependency: 1 Hits
latter causes delition of the former. (From Paul Allen: Service-Orientation: Winning Strategies and Be
linux:suse_online_install: 1 Hits
====== SuSE Linux Internet Installation ====== SuSE Linux can be installed using online data sources. For example FTP data source for SuSE 9.2 installation is: * Protocol: FTP * Servername: ftp.gwd
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